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Read the comments that we collect from our patients, we take seriously into consideration in order to improve the health services we provide.

June 2018
  • Very friendly, clean and updated. I.S.
  • Service and patient interaction perfect. G.B.
May 2018
  • The staff communicate well and express so much care. Their actions demonstrate that the patient and the family matter. It was excellent to know, as a traveller a long way from home, I too could also be accommodated there while my husband recuperated Thank you to Central Clinic’s wonderful staff for the care they have shown us. B.S.
  • The service was fast and effective. The doctor also spoke English and covered all the issues and concerns. S.M.
  • Llama positivamente la atencion el profesionalismo y calidad humana de MD y personal paramedico. A.Z.P.
  • The quality of personnel and services. G.A.
  • Nowhere else do you get such personal care !! N. P.
April 2018
  • The service was fast and effective. The doctor also spoke English and covered all the issues and concerns. S.W.
  • Service, staff and administration just top.!! A.K.
  • Because your stuff is excellent and very polite ! A.P.
  • Clean, excellent service,excellent doctors and staff V.C.
  • Perfect Support Ts.
  • Very good care, the Dr, the emergency department staff and the receptionist/liaison officer. I was impressed with their thorough examination, the comprehensive investigation and their ability to speak English. Maria particularly followed up every detail and made sure I knew what was happening. Congratulations Central Clinic great service. Br. F. F.
March 2018
  • Good informed staff, very organized clinic, that pays attention to detail.S.F.
  • It's the best clinic in Athens.B.D.
February 2018
  • Good service and genuine care. D.M.
  • Congratulations for the excellent service provided by doctors and staff. A.S.
  • Perfect Clinic. L.
  • Great environment, high quality of services. V.K.
  • Very good scientific personnel. E.P.
  • My doctor Dr Tzinkos made the happy choice for me... R.D.
  • Dear Sirs, Having many good impressions from my personal hospitalization in the past, it was quite logic to suggest positive for a need for close family care. For another time, I would like to congratulate doctors, nurses and staff for the excellent professional attitude and behavior. This Hospital do not have to envy any of the big medical centers of abroad. Again, heat congratulations to the management and staff! D. X.
January 2018
  • Friendly staff.   F.P.
  • Very organized, excellent staff.K.P.
December 2017
  • Excellent doctors but mostly warm and kind staff. ELP. M.
  • Excellent medical services, high standard facilities and the most friendly and efficient staff. If you have to go to the hospital, the Central Clinic at least makes it as enjoyable experience as possible. N.P.
  • Dear Dr Papagiannopoulos, I am contacting you regarding my daughter N.McK., who had a surgery at the Central Clinic last August, after having a road accident on a quad on the island of Santorini. She had open knee fracture, the kneecap broken as well as the femur broken. I would like to thank you very much for your professional work, and for all you did for my daughter. I would like to inform you that she is recovering very well. She doesn't even need to have a second surgery at the kneecap. Once againe thank you very much ! Yours sincerely, N. McK.
November 2017
  • I am always having the highest personalized treatment. Am.
  • Perfect Care. Lyd.
October 2017
  • Cleanliness, timeliness, politeness, professionalism D.P.
  • Not the sort of holiday we thought we would end of having when we left home. A twin shape room, with a great view and wonderful room service. If you need urgent medical attention, then this is the place to be. My wife, a patient for four weeks, received excellent attention. Thanks ot diagnosis and treatment by Dr Papagiannopoulos, Dr Tsakoumagkou, Dr Apostolopoulos & Dr Christoforidis, we can safely travel home. As for the nursing staff of the sixth floor? What a dedicated group of people !! Thank you, thank you !! Elena and Anna from administration have been helpful and supportive. Thank you, too. The kitchen and cleaning staff as well. You are all amazing !! Richard Handley on behalf of Barbara Handley, Australia
  • Thank you so much to all incredible staff who are amazing. This is like first class Hotel. The food is all organic and freshly cooked from a home ground organic farm. The nurses are attentive and warm. Thank you to all the Doctors who cared for me. They also where very attentive if it would not be a hospital I would like to come again. Thanks again for all the kind nurses at the 6th floor. First Class HospitalArthur Tauck and Ronni Tauck
September 2017
  • Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful loving care that I have received since my arrival at Central Clinic. I was sent up to the 6th floor from ICU, I was pleasantly surprised to be given room 601(THE BEST). A magnificent view of the Acroprolis. I am honoured, to be placed here. There has been so much a special attention given to me by your excellent Surgeons & Doctors. The nursing staff have really gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. To all the phsyiotherapists, administration staff, your wonderful cook, the cleaners I want to express my most sincere gratitude. My stay at this wonderful institution will always be a very memorable one !! Love, Thayvan Padiachi - Toronto - Canada
  • I would like to thank every single person who has been involved with my care from emergency, surgery to my recovery, every one has been so kind and understanding. Dr Papagiannopoulos saved my leg which was in a bad condition. I feel very lucky to have been brought to this clinic. Thank you everyone for all your care and expertise. Lots of Love, Yvonne and Antonis
  • I was transferred here from Skiathos. My ancle had been broken in three places. Dr Papagiannopoulos has fixed my ancle with lots of plates and screws. The care here has been outstanding, all the staff so kind and helpful. I could not have been better looked after anywhere. Everyone helped to make a bad situation much better. Susan Pilkington
  • Dear Dr Papagiannopoulos, Thank you very much for saving my leg!! All the best for you !! Naima McKenzie
  • Thanks for the great care you gave to Nancy. Dr Papagiannopoulos and the staff of the clinic did a great job. The doctors and the nurses did everything possible to make our stay a comfortable experience. The care she had was great. We really appreciate everything they did for us. Martin Livingston & Nancy Foster
  • Excellent service. J.
  • You have treaten my wife very well, qualified staff, friendly service and always willing to support from all different functions. Mboe
  • They took good care of me, very friendyK. M.
  • Only one day at hospital, everyone very professional. Plus immediate examsG.M.
August 2017
  • First I want to thank everyone at the Clinic for the top notch, wonderful care I received this past week for my cracked hip. I appreciated not only the high quality medical care but the friendly and compassionate treatment I received from all doctors, nurses and staff. I also thank you for the warm Hospitality you showed my wife and son. D. S.
  • Dear everyone, We presented in the early hours of 12th of August at 1.30 am. We were greeted by a doctor and two male nurses. At the time, no one knew what the matter with George was. At 3am, Mr Evangelous Poppys (can't spell, so sorry, please apologise), diagnosed advanced malaria. Thanks to all staff, the lovely nurse taking George’s blood, the incredibly care shown by the doctor and the nurses, you saved George’s life. We would like to express our deepest thanks to everyone at your clinic for the incredible care, concern and treatment you showed that evening. We could not have received better care anywhere in the world. We too were treated with the utmost sensitivity. Please pass on our thanks to everyone at your clinic for everything and saving George’s life. How do we really thank you? We’ve had the most extraordinary experience in Greece this august; it is deeply humbling. We will return again, again and again. It is the most wonderful country. Please thank everyone and especially Mr Poppys. With fondest best wishes, N. H. (George ‘s father)
  • Dear Sir, I wanted to thank you and all your staff for the attention you brought to me during my stay at the hospital during on a difficult stomac problem. I have to say it is rare to have so many smiles and attention in a hospital/clinic as I received in the Santorini and Athens locations. I want to thank also your billing DPT in Athens that were able to put my file through my USA insurance just on time !!! Sincerely, O. Tr.
  • Clean premises, quick service, friendly staff D.
July 2017
  • Fast, courteous, accurate, expert service. My experience with everyone, but especially Neurosurgeon Dimitris Prokopakis, was outstanding. Beats any U.K. or U.S. facility I've been to. P.A.L.
  • Great Services. D.P.
  • Excellent care doctors, nurses and physios. M.B.
  • Quick, efficient and effective care, friendly staff, low cost. S.S.
  • Head surgeon is the best ever. Excellent communication very friendly. Highly recommended. T.J.
  • Being from a different country the staff have been wonderful and very caring. D.B.
  • I asked about blood test to reception. She kindly taught me about it. Thank you. T.M.
  • Friendly staff. E.T.
June 2017
  • Dear Dr George Papagiannopoulos, I would like to thank you and all your staff for the excellent treatment that you gave to my wife when she fractured her hip in June and was medically transferred to your clinic from Skiathos. The surgery was perfect and my wife is now walking and improving every day. George you are a top professional man and I wish you all the best in life. Kind regards, T. J. June 14th to 22nd room 606
  • My wife Gail had the misfortune to develop respiratory tract infection with a fever. The results of further tests lymph made enlargement. She was admitted to the Central Clinic where encountered the most friendly and professional people possible. We are amazed by how helpful everyone in the clinic has been and if you ever needed hospitalization in Athens we can only say that this would be the BEST PLACE OF ALL. Our many thanks to all the clinic personnel who helped us through a very hard period. Gail Zigler
  • Great People - Dr Stavros was great. C.B.
  • Professional team and reasonable costs. A.P.
  • Dr Fernard and nurse Chrysoula were terrific. The hospital was very clean ! G.S.
  • Very clean, efficient staff, wide range of specialities, reasonable prices. M.M.
  • Very good staff and fine treatment of patients. Excellent doctors especially Dr. Kyriakos Vamvakidis. V.
May 2017
  • The doctors, nurses and stuff have made us feel VERY SPECIAL. A a foreigner in a foreign land, I would recommend this clinic very highly. Everyone has been very nice, gracious and excellent at their work. Mr & Mrs Heckatt

  • Following my wife's accident requiring a hip replacement performed at the Central Clinic of Athens, I cannot find a bad word to say about the attention and professional attitude from all the staff from the cleaners to the surgeon. The accommodation suite 3 was of excellent standard, the food even though not always to our taste was found to be of good standard too. Apart from that special thanks to all the surgeons and physio therapists for the above average treatment to my wife's needs, I would fully recommend this hospital to anyway needing treatment. J. THOMAS

October 2016
  • DEAR DOCTORS AND NURSES, Thank you for all your care and patience.GREAT JOB.Love you all and I will miss you. Judy Yeo from Malaysia.
  • To all staff of the CENTRAL CLINIC a big thank.For your care and patience is outstanding and that is for the kitchen staff ,cleaning staff ,reception,nurses ,physio staff and of course my wonderful doctor MR PAPAGIANNOPOULOS AND MR PETROULIAS. Your Clinic is first rate and very professional. I was lucky being in the CLINIC IN SANTORINI to being sent to ATHENS. THANK YOU. FRANCINE MCDONALD.
September 2016
  • Thanks for all staff of the CENTRAL CLINIC and special to the 6th floor. Your are best. We will remember with love.. Thank you so much. Ariel Casoy from Argentina.
  • Dear Dr. Kotzampasis, Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of your meeting me in an ambulance at the port in Santorini and being taken to your clinic, having suffered a serious Lisfranc injury on a catamaran. I wanted to belatedly thank you for your excellent diagnosis and care. Please pass on my sincere appreciation to your staff as well, who were also so professional, caring and efficient. I also wanted to let you know that the surgery performed the next morning by Dr. Papagiannopoulos in Athens has been very successful. A year later, I am walking long distances in the mountains with no pain and have virtually recovered fully. I recall at the time, your saying that he was the best Orthopedic Surgeon in Greece, and I am in full agreement. Thanks again for your wonderful skill in recognizing the problem and knowing what should be done about it and for your excellent care overall. Best regards, Connie Peck
August 2016
  • I write with a full heart of thanks and appreciation to every person in this hospital that have cared for me. From the nurses,cleaning lady and doctors you have been all amazing.You have cared with so much personal touch-professionalism,thank you.When I came here 10 days ago I was not in good place -you have all helped me to this a amazing recovery. Thank you so much. Thank you for caring for my family too, you always had time for the. A lot of love to every single one of this amazing team. VAN ZYL FAMILY.
  • Towards the end of my 3rd holiday on the beautiful Island of Skiathos  I had the worst asthma attack of my life. As a single  parent of a disable young teenager it was the worst nightmare coming true.The hotel were fantastic, they called their doctor who arrived by ambulance with oxygen. I was met Doctor Anastasiou Nicolaos , Director of Pulmonary from the Central Clinic of Athens.Dr Nick will always be known to me as wonderful Doctor miracle. Doctor Nick was with me on the air ambulance, actually he has been by my side for almost the full seven days I have spent here.I spent the first two days in the intensive care unit.The treatment , both medical and emotional support I received from Dr NICK and his nursing team , was outstanding, and the best I have ever had even in the U.K.   I was moved to recover to the 6th floor to a private one bed suite. I was unaware how serious my condition has become at the time, but now know-Lets just say thanks to my doctor, the nursing staff and physios I have made full recovery. After 30 years I have stopped smoking. Thanking also the housekeeping staff who kept my room spotless the chefs - all meals were fantastic.
July 2016
  • Dear Dr. Dimakouleas, It was a great pleasure meeting you and being treated for my heart attack by you and your great team. I would like to thank you in particular for your constant professional effort to guide me through my crisis till I was cured. I thank God that he blessed me with people like you and your wonderful team to take care of me and save my life. You have the best diagnosis and team working for you specially the incredible ICU staff and great nurses that all took care of me. What a wonderful team you are all together. I expect great growth for you and your team and I wish you all the best of success in saving human lives which you’ve done at the most professional scale there is. Please keep it up and I’m in debt to you all for the rest of my life. Please accept my best regards and warmest wishes. Mowaffaq Alhashimi
June 2016
  • After our RTA on Santorini we were air lifted to the Central Clinic in Athens where we stayed for a two week period. From the moment we arrived the care has been outstanding from the whole team. Nothing has been too much trouble!! We thank all the staff, you have been amazing. Best regards Stuart and Jill Tomlinson
  • I became ill while vacationing in Greece, with a lung infection later found to be pneumonia. I just wanted to go home. The thought of being in a hospital other than in the USA concerned me. I was sicker tha I thought. The level of medical care I received at Central Clinic from my doctors, nurses and staff have been outstanding. Personal attention to me and my wife including timely filling out of insurance forms, daily discussions of my progress, and answering the call button have been excellent. Our special thanks to Dr Anastasiou Nikos Albert Thomson, San Francisco California USA
  • Dear members of CENTRAL CLINIC OF ATHENS staff. We have been sent from our cruise to this wonderful hospital. My wife was able to recover from a serious surgery thanks to the 24 hour medical attention received during seven days from so many doctors and nurses, all of you top professional. We thank you for your pacience and taking care of all our needs. Jacobo Viskin. Mexico City.
May 2016
  • I have been here 3 times over the past 2,5 years and the patient care has improved from a 6.0 to a 9.8 . Great!! Wonderful job and superb care. Many thanks Zellerbach
  • I would like to thank on my behalf and on behalf of my wife the entire Athens hospital staff and the entire Santorini hospital staff! Humanly were tireless with us after the disease situation which has gone through during our vacation on this fantastic island! Special thanks to Dr Papagianopoylos the way, attention and affection with which he received and treated us during this long week! For all our “Bem Haja”! Pedro
  • A big thank you to all the team nurses! Availability and kindness of nurses: perfect! I also thank the doctor team who did follow me up during my stay here. Food was also really good! Best regards, Julie Gagnepain France
  • When I was transferred from Santorini to the Central Clinic in Athens, I was somewhat scared, but very soon I was extremely pleased by the professional but also warm and kind attitude and treatment of doctors and medical staff. Everybody in the intensive care unit was wonderful and also after my transfer to level 6, everybody remained friendly and proffessional. Also my wife was treatred very well and got the right degree of nice attention in order not to worry too much about my health. Also the communication is very good and very friendly and as for the food, is above normal hospital standards. Thank you very much for taking care of us as you did and very much greedings to all the doctors and staff Van den Bulck ( Belgium)
  • From our arrival at Santorini Clinic on Wednesday night, I have been treated with exceptional, tender and timely care. I came to Athens Central clinic on Thursday afternoon for pre-op testing, and was back on Friday for surgery with Dr Papagianopoulos. My first night was spent with the team in ICU where I will forever remember the “banana” yellow blanket!! In the post-op surgical ward on level 6 from 7-12 May, all the medical staff, nurses, physios, cooks, cleaners and everybody else behind the scenes, has visited frequently. Each person gave me such good care and attention- nothing was ever too much trouble. We have been impressed with your Clinic and English language skills. Hospital in another country can be scary, but you were always calm, helpful and friendly. The facilities and staff here are world-class, and we all thank you so much for your care. Sadly I did not get to explore Athens, but the next best thing was the view and private balcony from Suite 1. It was the best recuperation room in the world! I will always remember the view of the Acropolis and Parthrnon, and watching the beautiful sunsets. We love the Greek people and look forward to returning in the future. Efharisto Alison And Taine, Ben and Bridget
April 2016
  • I could have had my surgery in the private sector in the UK but I made the right choice to come here and be operated on by my good friends Dimitris and Manos Prokopakis. Major surgery, but a great success! It was an extra bonus to be staying in a nice suite with delightful nursing staff who looked after me so well. A big thank you!!
    A. B
October 2015
  • I was taken care of very much and thank you. I never forget this favor. You are my saviors. I will become a world’s champion all means. Thank you,
    T. M, 26/10/2015
August 2015
  • Dear doctors and nurses, In name of Marvin and parents Pauland Emine thank you from deepest heart for your help ,kindness and careness. We are speechless how to thank you that you rescue ours son. We pray for of you all and your family. Thank you Love and kiss.
    M, P & E, 12-08-2015
June 2015
  • Monday 1st June My deepest and most sincere thanks to all the doctors and nurses who work at this hospital and have taken great care of me from the central clinic in Santorini all the way to Athens I could not have been treaten better. I was all on my own, in a lot of pain and a long way from home. From the moment I arrived Dr. Mike was on hand to test me and make sure I went straight into theatre. He’s a wonderful surgecn who did a fantastic job and has continued my after-care right up until the day I went home. Thank you to Maria who comforted me before going under and ensured I woke up after the operation. And thanks to Thanos, Christina, Anna just to name a few, but in particular to Irena who has acted like a mum to me. I will miss everybody but I am glad to be going home healthy and happy! Thanks again
    L. M, Age 19, England
  • Many many thanks to Dr Papagianopoulos and his team, including all the doctors, nurses physiotherapists, kitchen staff and cleaners and all who make the clinic work so well. I arrived 2 weeks ago with a with a fructured pelvis, hip and shuttered knee cap. Two operations and two weeks later I have been put back together. The staff have all been wonderful, kind and cheerful. I thank them for all for making me feel so welcomed and safe. I am looking forward to getting back home but I will miss you all!
    S. B, Woodford, England
May 2015
  • Thank you so much for everything! You all made an unfortunate situation (on our honeymoon) much more comfortable and bearable. To all the nurses and doctors – I cannot thank you enough! LOVE ALWAYS!
    A & C.T, 10/05/2015
February 2015
  • Thank you for your kindnes , hospitality and for taking such a good care of my husband.We feel very lucky.All the best to you.
    L. M, 05-02-2015
November 2014
  • When Ι was first told Ι had to have surgery to fix my hip and pelvis Ι was very upset and afraid. Everyone working at the hospital was very kind and patient with me, the doctor took the time to explain the prosidure to my parents in Canada. I couldn't ask for better care for the past 2 weeks. Everyone contributed to making the hospital a welcoming place including the kitchen staff, cleanning staff and of course the doctors and physiotherapists! Dr Papagiannopoulos (my sergeon) came to check on me several times a day. I recieved physio twice a day and have now made a full recovery! It was the kindness of the nursing staff that made the past 2 weeks away from home bearable- especially Vicky, Katherine Politi,Fio and irene! I am so thankful the hospital let my friend stay with me in a suite at the hospital while i recovered. We were able to have a lot of laughs despite the circumstances. I recieved much better care here than i would have in Canada. Iam very thankfull i was brought here after my accident and i will always appreciate all the kindness you showed me while i recovered.
    M. V, Niagara falls Canada, 4/11/2014
  • The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. My friend, Mary, and i were so shocked after our accident, but we soon felt welcomed and at home with the staff here at the hospital. All the staff worked hard to help Mary during and after the surgery, and i felt supported during the whole process as i worried about my friend. Iam so thankful to have been able to have stayed here with her during her recovery. I want to give a special thank you to nurse Vicky, nurse Katherine Politi and nurse Fio- you were always able to make us laugh, smile and feel comfortable while we were far from home. To Dr Papagiannopoulos, the physiotherary team, and the food and cleaning staff, every time you entered our room, you always had bright smiles and made sure that we were doing well and we were having a nice day. Thank you all for taking such great care of my friend- i am forever grateful!
    J. B, Canada, 4/11/2014
  • I was very happy while Ι stayed at this hospital. I especially appreciate my doctor- Kordalis George- who treated me like familly until my recovery. Eventhough Ι go back to my country- S. Korea- Ι will remember you and all your staff's kindness. Thank you
    M. B, S.Korea, 7/11/2014
October 2014
  • Dear all, we'd like to thank the medical stuff, the nurses and the physiotherapists for all. They helped us through a tough time here in Athens. The whole medical support was really good. We'd like to thank the nurses for their patience with us. thanks for all!!
  • Tour # 4 Athens clinic, a large group of surgeons, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, assistant and nurses to always be remembered for their contribution to my recovery. There were many special moments: physio helping me achieve balcony time while staring at the Parthenon, naming the nurses in a fun way mrs Neeho because my ears where so alert, nurse Ruski k Niko comedy rutine. My first hair wash and shower with mrs Niho, the nurse who cared for me the most, the chief arranging for chocolate to arrive, can you guess who mrs Mac is? How about the handsome ambulance driver/attendant who took my b.pressure? I said "where are we going? love,
    C. K, Canada, 23/10/2014
  • When i first arrived at the Clinic in Santorini and they told me i had to go to Athens for an operation on my ankle, the stuff at Santorini were very kind and made all the arrangements for me. When we arrived in Athens, an ambulance was waiting for me and they were very patient with me. when i arrived at the clinic, the doctor was waiting for me and all the stuff made me feel very comfortable. After the operation all the members of stuff have been brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble.. thank you. 
    J. H, 31/10/2014