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Chronic arthritis is characterized by inflammation focused chiefly in the membrane surrounding each joint (apart from the joints in the spine).

This inflammation (synovitis) produces the symptoms of arthritis, i.e. pain, swelling and limited mobility in the joints.

Radiosynoviorthesis is proposed in cases where arthritis persists even when treated with medication or when surgery is neither possible nor advisable.

By injecting a radiopharmaceutical directly to the arthritic joint (leaving the rest of the body unaffected), a long-term reduction in the inflammation is achieved and in many cases, for example in rheumatic conditions, further deterioration of the joint is prevented.

Radiosynoviorthesis does not, in general, cause side effects or complications (assuming, of course, that it is correctly executed). The beneficial radiation which shrinks the joint membrane during the application of radiosynoviorthesis does not harm either the cartilage or bones of the joint due to its limited radius (from 0.1 to 6 millimetres). In rheumatic conditions (rheumatoid, psoriatic and other forms of immune arthritis), radiosynoviorthesis achieves good to very good results in 80% of cases. In cases of osteoarthritis, where the damage is mainly in the degeneration of cartilage or the bones of the joint, radiosynoviorthesis reduces symptoms by 50-75% without even the most minimal of side effects!

Radiosynoviorthesis is a globally recognised treatment and as in other European countries it is also covered by insurance organisations in Greece

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