We care about people

The Central Clinic of Athens, which focuses on the continuous improvement of quality of service provided, upholds a “quality policy” which is based on the implementation of written procedures, the creation of codified documents and the evaluation of patient satisfaction.

Quality assurance requires planning, and goal setting, ongoing assessment, improvement and continuous monitoring, while appropriate checks are performed at the organization's structure, processes and outcomes of service.

At Central Clinic of Athens we take care of people, we place the patient at the center of our processes.

We believe in encouraging and empowering our associates, we invest in their continuous training and reward; we care about building good relationships and encourage teamwork, thus creating the preconditions for exceeding the quality assurance standards of service.

Central Clinic of Athens holds the following Quality Management Certifications according to ISO 9001 & ISO 22000.

Pursuant to the above Standards, we are expected to adhere to the consistent impementation of procedures and work processes, to comply with our enviromental commitments, operate an integrated system of health and safety and implement medical protocols which ensure optimal practices in accordance with international scientific standards.

Inspectors' comments :

"Excellent clinic, inspired by the vision and love for creation of the doctors'. "

"Very well constructed surgical theatres, placing great emphasis on the prevention of inhospital infections with qualified controls"

"Know - how and years of experience"