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The admission procedure is comprised of the following:

  1. Personal details of the patient are recorded.
  2. The tests ordered by the patient’s doctor are charged.
  3. The room is assigned after the patient has been updated by either the Patient Accounting Department or the Customer Service Department.
  4. The patient is provided with the admission form which has been filled in by his doctor. Later the same day or on the next day the patient may visit the Patient Accounting Department for further information.
  5. Once admission has been completed, the patient is taken by nursing staff to his ward and his file is handed to the Matron.

What documents should I bring with me?

  • ID Card
  • Medical Record Book
  • Admission Form from Social Security Organisation
  • Private Health Insurance Policy Number, if applicable (in these situations, the patient must be aware of the type of room he is covered for)
  • Orders and instructions from the doctor

What may I bring with me?

  • Personal toiletries
  • Pyjamas, night gowns, slippers
  • Personal care items

What should I avoid bringing with me?

  • During the admission procedure, do not bring electrical items (hair dryers, electric shavers), valuable jewellery, laptop computers or large quantities of cash with you. The Clinic is not liable for the loss of these items. Personal items must be placed in the safe each time you leave your room.

What procedure should I follow while being admitted to the Central Clinic of Athens?

If you will be undergoing a surgical procedure, be sure to ask for the special information pamphlet available from the Clinic and read it through carefully.

What should I do with medication I am currently taking?

Once you arrive in your ward, be sure to inform your doctor or nurse about medication you are currently taking when providing them with your medical history. The medication must be handed to the nursing staff for safe keeping. You should not store any medication in your bedside table nor should you take any medication except that which is given to you by the doctors as your condition may be distorted and improvement delayed.